Photo credit: Shauna Hegna

Shauna & Josh Hegna, Girdwood Residents 

"Mike tackles issues with an open mind, is always prepared, seeks information from difference sources, and communicates his ideas with intellect and integrity. He is pro small business and understands the struggle of both the ski town employee and business owner.

His approach to housing has been sensible and solution driven. In addition to his service on GBOS, Mike has volunteered tirelessly to a myriad of causes in Girdwood.

He has earned our votes."

Catherine McDermott, Girdwood Resident

"I will be supporting Mike with my vote for GBOS. 

I first met Mike and Kalie at a fundraiser for a local non-profit shortly after they moved here and and I remember thinking what a great addition they both were to Girdwood.
Since that time Mike has worked tirelessly on behalf of our community on a range of issues. While housing has been a primary topic, from ADU's to Holton Hills to Prop 7, I also appreciate the time and effort Mike has put into other key but not as well known issues.  For example, identifying that the 2021 Girdwood property tax assessments were incorrect, and working with the MOA to positively solve that problem and quickly move forward to a solution.

This was a great example of how many different and complicated subjects come before the GBOS. I have always felt very confident about how Mike represents Girdwood to the MOA and the Assembly both as a positive problem solver and knowledgeable community member.
Mike has devoted a massive amount of time to staying on top of hyperlocal issues, all while being responsive to community voices and different opinions."

Photo credit: Catherine McDermott

Photo credit: Tommy O'Malley

Tommy O'Malley, Girdwood Resident

"Effective local politics is about forging connections between people and between communities. Mike has worked hard to be a positive and respected voice representing Girdwood to the Assembly, the Municipal Administration and to other local cities such as Whittier that have much in common with us. 

It's not easy for an Irishman to say nice things about an Englishman, but I wholeheartedly support Mike for GBOS."

Tim Charnon, Girdwood Resident

"I'm grateful for the job Mike does representing our community.  He puts in extra time to research and understand the issues and is a great communicator.  He respects differences of opinion and works hard to build consensus.  Mike is a great voice for Girdwood."

Photo credit: Tim Charnon

Photo credit: Mike Edgington

Kathy Trautner, Girdwood Resident

"I am voting for Mike because he has worked hard to learn about the community needs of Girdwood and how best to work with locals, the Municipality, and the State to meet those needs. I trust him to have a responsible and practical approach to the issues.

Mike's experience is invaluable for Girdwood's future."

Autumn Laemmrich, ex-Girdwood Resident

"Mike Edgington has worked hard to make Girdwood a better place for its community members. Mike is constantly searching out new ideas from both within the community and outside to help fix the housing crisis that is currently crippling Girdwood's workforce. I truly appreciate and support the work Mike is doing to create a stronger, more sustainable housing plan. I know that Mike will continue to be a strong leader in finding solutions to a problem that needs immediate attention. I lived and worked in Girdwood for over 8 years until recently moving  to Anchorage. Purchasing or renting is almost impossible for those wanting to live and work in Girdwood. While it is too late for us, I trust Mike to find a set of solutions so that others can call Girdwood their home." 

Photo credit: Autumn Sutherland-Laemmrich

Photo credit: Suzanne LaFrance

Suzanne LaFrance, Anchorage Assembly Chairperson

“As an Assembly member who has represented Girdwood for the past six years, I’ve worked closely with Mike and have seen firsthand how hard he works to advocate for Girdwood. He’s a dedicated public servant who wants the very best for his community. Mike has shown over and over that he is solution-oriented, does his homework and is committed to respectful dialogue, especially when the topic is tough.
With a deep knowledge of the issues facing Girdwood and experience with local government, Mike is a highly effective advocate for his community - and someone you want to have a beer with!”

John Weddleton, Former Assembly Member for Girdwood & S. Anchorage 

"During my 6 years on the Assembly, a lot of good came the way of Girdwood. A big reason for that was the persistent and productive work of Mike Edgington. 

Mike’s work ethic and ability are off the chart. In 2021, Mike found, in the massive amount of budget data, a huge increase in the mil rate for Girdwood.  The cause of the error was complicated and somewhat obscure but Mike figured it out, got the info to the assembly and administration and proposed a fix just in time before the mil rate was locked in.  Every Girdwood resident dodged a 20% tax increase thanks to Mike.  

That’s all in a day’s work for Mike.  His knowledge of Girdwood’s and Anchorage’s land use code has led  to consistent improvements over his time on the GBOS.  He has been persistent in looking for ways to enhance the amazing community’s independence and effectiveness.  The list is long.

I have learned plenty from Mike and am honored to endorse him and to count him as a friend."

Photo credit: John Weddleton

Photo credit: Alayna DuPont

Alayna DuPont, Girdwood Resident

"I met Mike when he offered to help out and support the creation of Girdwood Bear Aware and I am lucky to now call him my friend. Mike is absolutely committed to making Girdwood the best it can be and he devotes a huge amount of time to that goal. Mike thinks deeply and makes honest and transparent decisions. Mike stands up for trails, childcare, and better governance for Girdwood. We couldn't ask for better representation."

Kevin Desmond, Girdwood Resident

"Mike Edgington has been a positive influence in Girdwood for many years.  He is a very good listener, well read & informed on local topics, and open-minded discussing both sides of any issue. He has been a very productive & professional contributor to GBOS.

I strongly encourage Girdwood residents to cast their vote for Mike Edgington to continue his work with GBOS."

Photo credit: Kevin Desmond

Photo credit: Forrest Dunbar

Forrest Dunbar, State Senator, past Mayoral Candidate

"I worked with Mike Edgington during my 7 years on the Assembly and he has always been a very well informed and effective advocate for Girdwood. Mike represents some of the best of the community: a passion for what makes Girdwood special, a deep understanding of the important issues, and a strong focus on bringing practical solutions to the table.
Girdwood is fortunate to have Mike representing them. I support Mike Edgington for GBOS" 

Photo credit: Zac for Anchorage

Zac Johnson, District 6 Assembly Candidate

"Mike has consistently demonstrated a degree of thoughtfulness, professionalism, and dedication that makes him ideally suited to serve on GBOS. He is respectful of differing view points and inclusive in his approach to crafting policy. Girdwood has a strong advocate in Mike Edgington, and I look forward to working with him in the years ahead."