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Reelect Mike - a trusted voice for Girdwood

Mike Edgington in a kilt working security at the 2018 Girdwood Forest Fair

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Commitment to Community

I wasn't lucky enough to be born or grow up in Alaska, but was fortunate to find Girdwood almost a decade ago thanks to my spouse. Although I've lived in multiple countries and US states, Girdwood was the first place that really felt like home.

I love Girdwood. It's easy to appreciate the beautiful natural environment of temperate rain forest and mountains, but the true beauty is the people and intense sense of community. We all know what Girdwood represents - an independent spirit infused with inter-reliance,  a care for each other whatever the superficial differences, a love for the physical environment and a desire to share it while also maintaining the character of the valley.

My goal is for other families and individuals to have the opportunities we had - to make a long-term home here in Girdwood and contribute to keeping us a strong and dynamic community.

Advocate for Girdwood

Girdwood is a small community of under 2,000 full-time residents within a Municipality of almost 300,000. It is too easy for the distinct needs of our community to be overwhelmed by the far larger city of Anchorage 30 miles to the west. But Girdwood has developed a local government structure that allows us a higher degree of control than any other community within the Municipality.

I am a strong supporter of Girdwood having the maximum local power that the Charter allows. I got involved in local issues when the State Troopers withdrew and we proposed a unique Girdwood-style solution that worked for Girdwood. We can do the same for our Housing challenges - starting with Proposition 7. But Prop 7 is just the next step on a longer road.

I have worked hard to understand the nuances of how government really works, and have been a tireless advocate for every aspect of Girdwood's needs at the local, state and even Federal level.

Mike Edgington testifies at the Anchorage Assembly on December 6th 2022

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A progressive and pragmatic voice

It is far easier to make an argument of "no" than to develop a practical solution to our most critical problems. And Girdwood needs solutions.

It requires the unsexy work of attending numerous meetings, hearing and distilling the voice of the community, doing the homework, listening to experts to learn what approaches work elsewhere and how they can be adapted to Girdwood's circumstances. It needs intelligence, flexibility, coalition-building, creative problem solving and a focus on results.

Local Girdwood politics strives to be non-partisan, but my personal political beliefs mesh easily with service to my neighbors: